Monday, November 19, 2007

The Top Ten List Of Exactly Where To Stop The Cab

Since the writers at Letterman are on strike, many Americans are currently suffering from Top Ten List withdrawal syndrome. Hopefully this will help - it's my own top ten list of descriptions I've received from passengers of exactly where they want me to stop the cab...

10. "By the second pile of garbage."

9. "Next to that idiot over there."

8. "Near the thing."

7. "Anywhere where you won't be honked at."

6. "In front of that little oasis between the tenements."

5. "Over on the left on the right."

4. "Okay, right here. No, not right here, over there. Okay, right here."

3. "Right where that man just cleaned up after his dog... I hope he got it all."

2. "Right where the derelict is sleeping... oh, no, he's not sleeping, he's just lying there."

And finally - drum roll, s'il vous plait - the number one description of all time...

1. "A little bit past the dead pigeon, please."

And if you will stop your cursor right here, you can click onto Pictures From A Taxi.


Mike S said...

Great list!!

John said...

I was in the book shop today and there it was the top 100 of top 10s of everything.
Happy thanksgiving.

John said...

As Colombo would say,"theres just one more thing" There is a new book out of Magnum photographs, its big and its dear but well worth looking at,

Mad Cabbie said...

How about "Right next to that chick with the big ass!"

Happy Thanksgiving G.S

Mark said...

i vote for number 8 to be moved up the list.

near the 'thing'