Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Watts Street

I recently had a young Frenchman in my cab who wanted to go to a street in Tribeca that always asks a question: Watts Street. His English was okay, but not great, which allowed me to get away with a conversation that went something like this:

Me: Hello, where would you like to go?

Young Frenchman: Hello, I am going to zee Watts Street in Tribeca.

Me: What street?

YF: Yes.

Me: Yes, what?

YF: Watts Street.

Me: I don't know, you tell me.

YF: Watts eez zee name of zee street in Tribeca.

Me: There are many streets in Tribeca. They all have different names. Just tell me the one you want to go to.

YF: Watts Street!

Me: Monsieur, je ne sais pas! How should I know the name of the street? You're supposed to tell me that!

YF: (slowly, and with a hint of exasperation) Sir, there eez a street and zee name of zee street eez Watts! Double you ay tee tee ess!

Me: Ohh, do you mean "Watts Street"?

YF: Yes! Do you know eet?

Me: Sure, it intersects with Where Avenue. I believe there's a Y on that block.

YF: Please take me there.

Me: Take Where to the Y on Watts?

YF: I don't know zee Y.

Me: Ah, mon ami, neither do I, neither do I. We may know Where and we may know Watts, but we never really know Y, do we?

YF: No, I have never known zee Y.

Me: Why even think about it? Let's go.

YF: Okay.

I believe I was sent here to take rides like this. I believe it's my calling. Along with clicking here for Pictures From A Taxi, of course.