Monday, April 11, 2016

Harry Belafonte

The great Harry Belafonte and his wife Pamela Frank were passengers in my cab yesterday.  Cheerful and exuberant, he took a minute to oblige my request for a picture.

If you are not familiar with Harry Belafonte, please click on the link above and check out his Wikipedia page.  He has been an inspiration to millions, including myself, since the 1950s, and he continues to be.

Would you believe he is 89 years old?

(Photo by Pamela Frank)



John said...

Gene he looks better than you.
You should have been a singer Daylight come and I wana go home

Eugene Salomon said...

Damn, John, you're right.

april said...

D(ay)O(uc)H! In the cruel light of same, LOL, I never knew Harry was so ... tall! Ah, come on, John, let's see Mr. B drive a cab 12 hours straight most nights.

Rylan Rgers said...

Man, seeing this guy brings me back. Back at my company Medford Taxi Service we never get to see anyone like this! Congratulations to you!