Monday, May 28, 2018

Get `Em While They're Hot

What's that?

You still haven't bought my book, Confessions Of A New York Taxi Driver?

Well, good news, your holding out is about to pay off, at least if you own a Kindle.   HarperCollins is now offering the ebook edition for a mere $4.99 on The price had always been $10 and change, so... what a bargain.

Just click here and you're on your way.

Say what?

You need further convincing?

A promotional video or something?

Well all righty, then, here you are:


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. A super advert. I hope many more people will be tempted to enjoy the contents of your book. Perhaps Hollywood will come calling. Well done.

Jordan said...

Great video! Hope tons of people get to read that book of yours.

John said...

You told me that I had bought the first copy and I am keeping it to read in full when I might break my leg or something like that.
What I did read was brilliant..Keep up the good work.
I ought a Kindle a few months ago what a great piece of kit for the taxi or on holiday.400 books and it fits in the glove box.

Happy thanksgiving by the way

Eugene Salomon said...

Geez, John, now you've got me rooting for you to break your leg!

John said...

My tome is coming on

It is one hell of a job, outlying, writing,correcting, printing off and letting others read it first.
Then a famous author I know when I told him just said

"Tell ME about it John"

Yep he knew the story

Eugene Salomon said...

"You should write a book."
Easy to say, not so easy to do. It is indeed a hell of a lot of work, the great majority of which is unknown to those who receive the final product.

april said...

Five copies and counting, but in my all-time top ten! The most valued, of course, from the very hands which drove someone to it.