Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Come On Back

Why rushest thou so, Robin Williams?

Come on back.

I am hereby requesting an encore of the Frances McDormand you did for me.

And it would only be polite on your part to give me an opportunity to thank you... for the kindness behind your words.

Why rushest thou so?

We loved you - didn't you know?

Come back.

Robin Williams was in my cab on September 7, 2008.  I'm proud to say that twenty minutes of his life were spent with me. The story of that ride can be found in the post called "Feathers In My Bald Spot", Sept. '08 in the archives.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to know that you were fortunate to meet such a lovely man. He was admired throughout the world. His presence will be with you all your life. I nearly met Perry Como, but that is another story.

Abie said...


Reading books is not one of my favorite hobbies. But, I had to read yours.

Now that I have I'm going to give up on the idea that I've had for the longest time and didn't follow through with. That's because you pretty much covered all there is to say about the business we are both in.

Yes, I drove from 1970 to 2012. That's 42 years. You may even know who I am. I wrote a column titled "Cab Gab" and other articles in an industry publication called "Mini Press".
The paper folded in 2011 when the publisher, Alan Decker, passed away. You may even have known him also. He was a well known industry attorney.

Any way I just want to compliment you for doing a great job. Your stories reminded me of many of mine. One thing you left out when you were talking about famous "Traffic Jams" was May 30 1985. Perhaps you didn't drive that day. But even if you were not on the road you would have to remember a woman named Bridgette Gurney and the very unfortunate accident she had. You can read about it on the internet. She had the bad luck of having a construction crane fall on her legs pinning her on 63rd street and 3rd ave. The miraculous rescue took 6 hours and all traffic was frozen for that period in order for another crane to come from Queens to lift this off her. The frozen zone included the 59th street bridge. She lived and the very intense headache I had while driving that day was well worth her rescue.

Any way good job on the book. I'm now retired and living in Florida.

Abe Mittleman

Eugene Salomon said...

Dear Abe,
Thanks so much for the kind words, really glad to know you've read and enjoyed my book. It means a lot to me to hear from veteran cabbies like yourself. Thank you. You know, every cabbie has a ton of stories that are uniquely his own. I'd encourage you to follow through with your own book if the spirit moves you.
I was not familiar with the Mini Press publication for some reason. Are any of your articles online?
I'd forgotten about that horrible crane accident and you're right, I couldn't have been driving that day or I would certainly have remembered it. It was definitely Hall of Fame material, although it would have been hard to squeeze any humor out of it.
I also missed the incredible mess caused by the closing of the George Washington Bridge due to a truck leaking propane gas being stuck on it (sometime in the '80s if memory serves.) Just lucky, I guess. Remember that one?
Best wishes in Florida. Is it true that they have two speed limits there - 10 mph and 90 mph?

Anonymous said...


I tried sending a rather long response along with html to see some of my articles on line. But this forum would not let me post it. I also had a very interesting story for your reading enjoyment. Can you send me your email address and I can send you the entire text.


Eugene Salomon said...

My email address is nycgene@msn.com.

Unknown said...

Robin Williams is my favorite comedians. You're very fortunate to have met him. I'll have to look for that other post. www.greencabdbq.com