Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Time Magazine Article and Promotional Video

I've had an article published in the online edition of Time Magazine.

Click here.

It's called "The Art of Hailing a Cab". In it I offer sage advice as to the proper way of executing this vital form of urban communication. Here you will also find the official "International Taxi-Hailing Point System" which puts in ink how points are awarded for scoring hails, from 1.0 at the bottom to 6.0 - the "perfect hail" - at the very top. Like ice skating.

It's actually an abbreviated version of a section of Chapter 16, "Taxi!", from my book. Of course you'll have to buy the book to read the whole thing.

So there's the obligatory plug.

Directly below the article is a promotional one-minute video which the folks at Time were nice enough to allow us to include. This was created by Scooter McCrae, the video wizard at HarperCollins, who rode around with me for six hours one night. Six hours of filming reduced to a one-minute video - that's show biz.

Hope you'll enjoy watching it.

Note: Go to the post "Get 'Em While They're Hot" to see the video.


Anonymous said...

Hi mate, Gruber here from Oz. just finished confessions and loved it. great read cheers mate. all the way from Oz.

John said...

Hi Eugggene, I gave your book a plug at last on my blog

Chris Ackrill said...

Great article! As a London cab driver I find the whistling hail rather brash and un-British, and standing in the toad a bit desperate - in these instances I'd probably drive past and pick up the Asian tourists with the cute hand-flex wave.

Cab Lover said...

Found this book amusing and informative its definitely a lost art.