Saturday, January 18, 2014

Media Appearances

With the U.S. publication of Confessions Of A New York Taxi Driver approaching on January 28, I will occasionally be deviating from the kind of content I usually publish here to make announcements of promotions of the book in various media.

The first of which is:

There will be a book review in the book section of the NY Post this coming Sunday, Jan. 19. I’m still not sure exactly what this will consist of, but since a Post photographer came over to Columbus Circle on Tuesday to snap some shots of moi in my cab, I’m expecting it to have a picture or two and be more than just a blurb. So please pick up a copy of the Post on Sunday if you can and check it out.

And on either Saturday, Feb. 1, or Sunday, Feb. 2 - the date is not yet certain - sometime between 10 a.m. and 12 noon on one of those days - (that’s a bit vague, isn’t it?) - I will be interviewed on the Joan Hamburg radio program. That’s WOR-710 (710 on the AM dial) here in the New York area. I'll give more precise information when I have it. Of course.

Stay tuned!


King of New York Hacks said...

LOVED THE WRITE UP BRO !!! Fantastic news !!..and I have to get one of those air fresheners, Brilliant idea !!! So excited for you Gene,you are the true King of Kings of New York Hacks, I bow down to you sir !! All the best on the release of your brilliant book brother !!! Look forward to you signing my own copy !! Cheers my friend ! ~ Eddie

John said...

I was in London last week and I read more of the book en route.
I was glad to read about the clamp down on padestrians in New York.
Good luck with your "drumming" tour.

bobwen said...

Gene, I must admit I haven't visited your site for such awhile and to my surprise... you got some confessions to make! Congratulations!!! Now, I have to get a copy for myself and for my friends!