Friday, September 05, 2008

A Fun Evening With Farebeater

The taxidriver/improv event was a fun evening, as advertised.
I was interviewed onstage by the fellow who organized it, Timothy Cooper, and the Farebeater Players then used some of my material and some of their own to do improv and sketches all based on the situation of riding in a taxicab.
Some pics:

That's me on the left, withTimothy Cooper.

Good one-handed technique.

One of the perks for a male cabbie is being able to eavesdrop on female conversation.

Very important to keep the mirror properly adjusted at all times.

Farebeater is a monthly event. To get info on upcoming shows, send an email to


And while you're at your keypad, don't forget to click here for Pictures From A Taxi.


King of New York Hacks said...

great job g.s. looks like it was a blast !! wish i could have been there !

Mad Cabbie said...

Mr. G.S goes to Hollywood!

Anonymous said...

good-morning, have just seen you on British TV. Loved your chat with our reporter, and your comments. Can I tell you how knocked out everyone I know and many I don`t are about Barak Obama being elected ? Brilliant, just brilliant. Hvae never visited New York, but maybe I will one day. Good luck to all you Yanks out there !

Anonymous said...

Hey g.s just seen you on bbc tv and thought i'd look at ur site. well impressed. ur picis r brill. keep it up.

martin said...

Hey G.S. your blog is great keep up the good work.Im a cabbie in the uk Manchester or as we call it MADchester ,loved your photos to.