Thursday, May 01, 2008


I have been tagged by my cyber buddy Jodester, author of the never-fails-to-bring-a-smile blog, DON'T PANIC, and now I am charged with the responsibility of writing six "random things" about myself, and further charged with the task of tagging six other bloggers. And not only that, there was an implication that it would be rude not to participate.

Oh god, the burden of these social commitments! Now I know how Henry Kissinger must feel!

My approach to my own blog has been that it's more about them, not so much about me. Or maybe I should say it's about me commenting about them. My view is that it's more virtuous to be interested than it is to be interesting. (Not to say that there's anything wrong with being interesting, too, of course.) So having said that and therefore washed away any guilt about becoming self-indulgent, okay, Jodester, here are six random things...

1. I am a creature of habit. I eat almost the same exact meals every day of the week.

2. When I was 19 I was a student in Kenya for half a year and narrowly escaped encounters with a rhinoceros, an elephant, and a swarm of killer bees.

3. I was at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, where Dylan "went electric".

4. I grew up in Levittown, Long Island, the world's first sprawling suburban housing development. (The house I grew up in, the 1951 model, cost my parents $8,000 and came with a television built into the living room wall.)

5. My oldest and closest childhood friend was Bill O'Reilly.

6. In 30 years of taxi driving, I have never hit a pedestrian. Every time you think you've got one, somehow they slip out of the way!

Okay, I am now tagging the following bloggers:

1. Lucky 327 at NYC Taxi. A fellow NYC taxi driver, writer, and photographer.

2. Fee at Five Corners at Claonairigh. She writes about family life at a Scottish B&B. (No, I can't pronounce it, either.)

3. Angela at Pondring. Perhaps the world's greatest Dave Matthews fan.

4. John at Dublin Taxi. Dublin taxi driver who claims there are more taxis in Dublin than in NYC. Can this be true???

5. Bob at Taxi Tales. Insightful taxi driver in a place called Furness, Cumbria, in the U.K.

6. Mike at Mike's Mixed Memories. A retired Maine-er with a wealth of knowledge.

The rules, if you want to play, are:

- link to the person who tagged you (me)

- post the rules on your blog

- write six random things about yourself in a blog post

- tag six people you know in your post

- let each person know they are tagged by writing a comment on their blog

- let the tagger know your post has been published.

And one other thing. Just click here for Pictures From A Taxi!


Mike S said...

Did this quite a while ago, or similar thing. Probably gonna give it a shot though.

Lucky said...

thanks man, Ill definitely get on this post soon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just saw you on the BBC in the UK.. your insight on American politics might be a refreshing treat for your readers.. maybe you want to branch out a bit and talk about the changes that the country is facing with a new President and what your fares are talking about.


Anonymous said...

Sitting at home in England and just saw you on TV, checked your blog out and its cool.
now check out `The woolf within` on you tube.

just type `you tube and peter woolf` and the woolf within will show up.

better still is the book `the damage done` by `peter woolf

Anonymous said...

Hello there Eugene,

Just saw you on the BBC Breakfast programme this morning! Many thanks for your insights!

Wishing you all good luck with their new President. We are just as thrilled by the results! Well done, America!

Warm regards from someone living in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK

bigbadb said...

saw u on british tv this morn. very interesting enjoyed reading ur blog good luck man

Anonymous said...

Taxi Man!!!

islandman said...

this pair of oldies saw you on british tv today, fascinated by your views and blog, cheers.

islandman said...

this pair of oldies saw you on british tv today. enjoyed your views and blog, cheers

seomanc said...

Like all the others, I saw you on the BBC news this morning when you mentioned your site. Some cool stories!

hope you had a good shift!


Bill said...

Enjoyed watching you on UK TV.
You should have your own TV show giving the world the views of real American people you have had in your cab I am shure it would go down well.

All the Best


Anonymous said...

As above,saw u on BBC, just had to check you out!
Love it!
Your election result means a lot to the rest of the World, not just the USA.. Hope he delivers - Yes He Can!
Regards to you, all Cabbies & The White House (You can pass that last bit on when He's next in your cab!)

Northumberland, England

Anonymous said...

Hi! I also saw you on the BBC news I've read your blog and enjoyed your stories. You strike me as being an extremely genuine person it's very refreshing and edearing. I'm planning on making a trip to New York this summer with my friend maybe we'll run into you! :) Good luck with everything

Bedford, England

rvsd said...

Spot on old bean! I bet you didn't think you would become an international taxi ambassador when you spoke on the BBC. You was very articulate and a pleasure to listen to. Never mind about the life span of the taxi, what about the driver in that mad cap environment. 4 cheers for your new President and three cheers for your blog. Bob from Ramsgate. UK