Saturday, May 05, 2007

Springtime For Fido

It's springtime in New York and a young dog's fancy turns to thoughts of dragging his owner out into the beautiful weather for a stroll in the street, a sniff in the garbage, and, best of all, a free-for-all romp in one of the city's dog runs. These are fenced-in areas in city parks where dogs can run around with each other unleashed and unrestrained.

I happen to pass by one a couple of days ago in Chelsea and was so taken with the exhilaration of the dogs as they ran around playing with each other that I stopped to take a few shots.

I did a little research and learned that there are 41 dog runs in the five boroughs of New York, 17 of them in Manhattan. Which just goes to show what a dog-friendly place the city is. And which also serves as a segue into my latest taxi dog...

Here is Pebbles, a 5 year-old mixed breed who was traveling with owner Bob from Hell's Kitchen to the Upper East Side. Bob told me that Pebbles was abandoned in the Bronx, rescued by one of the city's animal agencies, and then discovered by him at an adoption fair for dogs that was held in Central Park. It was boy meets dog and they have been together ever since.

Pebbles' special skill is playing a game called "ready, set, go". He will remain in place as Bob moves further and further away from him and will stay there until a signal is given. And then he comes running to Bob at full speed.

Pebbles does have a weakness, however. Perhaps even a shameful weakness, considering that he is a dog. Pebbles is afraid of cats. I would suggest to Bob that maybe, as therapy, he should take Pebbles over to a dog run. A few hours of running around with the guys, no cats allowed, might bolster his self-esteem and cure him of the phobia.

Hey, just a thought.

Another thought would be to click here for Pictures From A Taxi.


Loui (and his mum!) said...

I love the idea of the runs for dogs in parks! So 'er, when will you get a dog to take out to work with you I wonder!

J xx

G.S. said...

You know, there was a cabbie years ago who rode around with his dog in the front seat (must have been great for tips). One of his passengers was inspired by this and wrote a children's book called "Taxi Dog". But I am happy with my cat and turtle.

Bobwen said...

hello gene,
right after i got off your cab, i checked out your blog site and even added it to my favorites. my colleagues have been reading your entries too. they love pebbles so, apart from me, they've been waiting too when will our picture can finally find a space in your blog. btw, pebbles is a girl and i use the command "ready, set, go" to beacon her to cross the street. yeah, you are all right about the cats. now, i'm thinking about the dog run.

i'll have to promote your blog in my personal blog that i only intended to my family and friends.

your observations... keep it coming please.


G.S. said...

Hi Bob... I couldn't remember if Pebbles was male or female so I took a stab at male. Sorry! Glad to know you enjoy the blog. Please feel free to add your comments whenever you'd like. Your input is appreciated. And please let me know how Pebbles likes the dog run if you do take her there.

bobwen said...

since you put awareness of the dog run in new york, i would like also to add, maybe you already know this, that there's this org Leashes and Lovers ( In fact yesterday, there was a cocktail party at Crash Mansion at Bowery and Spring. Friendly dogs are allowed inside the bar! Just so you know...

John said...

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