Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jump In

So here it is at last - my own web log (blog).

It seems inevitable that I would become a blogger. For two reasons: first, I have always kept journals. This started at Christmas time in 1963, when I was 14. I received a present and a challenge from my father. The present was a "yearbook" for 1964. This was a hardback book containing a blank page for each day of the upcoming year and the challenge was to make an entry for every single day. I decided to play the game and one year later had completed the task. Today that yearbook is my most valuable possession.

The second reason has to do with the nature of my profession. Going all the way back to 1977, when I started driving a taxi in New York City, I noticed that, on almost any given night, something memorable would happen. It might be something that occurred in the cab or it might be something I saw on the street, but there was always something. I felt if I didn't put it down on paper, I would be losing valuable memories and perhaps valuable insights, as well. So I got into the habit of jotting down on the next day what had been the fare of the night. Or the thing on the street. And the notebooks that were my journals began accumulating.

Now, armed with the internet and my new digital camera (a Sony with a big zoom lens), the journal becomes the blog.

So... here it is and off we go.

Thank you for finding me. Please jump in. Just think of yourself as being a passenger in my cab. Is your door closed all the way? (I wouldn't want to lose you.) Great, we're on our way. The meter is running. Sit back. Get comfortable. Let's take a ride through New York, the monster city of the world.


Anonymous said...

I hope to "jump in" your big yellow taxi with my tweety next time we're in the city. Excellent writing - thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

Gene I am so pleased to have found you again!!
Happy blogging!!

Loui said...

So pleased to have found you again Gene....happy blogging!!
J xx