Saturday, February 22, 2014

On Early Morning TV Sunday, Feb. 23

I have done a pre-recorded interview which will be aired on television in the New York City region on NBC's The Debrief With David Ushery at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 23.

What's that, you say you'll be asleep at 5:30 in the morning and you're damn well not getting up to watch it? Well, so you won't feel guilty, that's what DVRs are there for!

OR if you have no DVR or are somewhere else in the world other than in the New York City region, you could do a search using these words: "nyc-cabbie-writes-book nbc" and presto you'll be able to see just the video of the five minute interview without the rest of the show.

I am happy with this interview. We did it on Thursday on the street outside the famous 30 Rock building in Midtown. The host, David Ushery, was more than accomodating by showing my book to the camera, mentioning my blog, and asking his questions in a lively manner. His show, which I've seen in the past, is done in an interesting and unique format. He walks around a newsroom and speaks with reporters about newsworthy events of the past week. You get boots-on-the-ground, insightful commentary from those close to the stories. Plus there are interviews, such as my own, with New Yorkers who've done something noteworthy. (If I don't say so myself!)

So I recommend watching the whole program if you can.


Lhb said...

I saw the video using the words in quotes. Nice video. You are very captivating and you're bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and interesting stories to tell. You'd be perfect for a talk show host.
I have the book on Kindle. I had to wait for my car at a dealership and this was an excellent way to pass the interminable waiting period.
Yours is always the 1st item I read when I open Keep them coming.

Angiecooper said...

Literally just finished your book. Loved every story. Fantastic. Well done. Angie cooper lincoln uk

Eva Rossi said...

Just finished your book (it was a birthday present given to me last August in London) and I loved it.
It took me back to when I had the lucky chance to live in Manhattan for about 5 years (until 2009). I wish I had met a taxi driver (and a writer) like you: but apparently the only option available was a bunch of rude, smelly and loud (they keep talking on their cellphone for the whole ride) intelligible drivers, that made no effort whatsoever to understand the right address and that wouldn't help at all with the luggage (despite good tips,politeness and light weight suitcase on my part). Those taxi drivers were the only black spot in an otherwise fabulous quinquennial period in NYC.