Monday, December 04, 2006

New Blog!

Ladies and Germs, may I have your attention please?
Announcing my new blog - Pictures From A Taxi.
I do a lot of "street photography" while driving my cab - most of my shots are taken while waiting at red lights. Originally I thought I would include some of these pictures in this blog (Cabs Are For Kissing), but now I think that rather than post pictures that have nothing to do with the text, it would be a better idea to start a second blog that would be just photography. It will be one picture every day from various sections of New York - a city, by the way, that is like heaven for street photography.
Your comments are welcome, of course!
Hope you will visit often for a dose of New York as seen (literally) through the eyes of a taxi driver.

1 comment:

gaberina said...

great pics! makes me miss nyc even more! I love your cabs are for kissing blog - this is a nice extension - how about some snapshots of the upper west side?